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From: Jack Santoro
Subject: Exploring, Part 11, Adult Friends, 11/?Exploring, Lolitas Pthc Part 11
By Jackinnmyahoo.com Monday morning came and I left my house early so that
I could drop by to see Jim Roberts. The receptionist
at Intermedia told me that Jim was out on assignment,
and had left a message asking if we could re-schedule.
I told her that he might want to come to my house
after six that evening, and to call me if he agreed.
He did call later in the day, and said that he’d be
there at six-thirty. I waited anxiously for his
arrival, wondering what he would disclose. Exactly on
the dot he rang my bell, bringing with his a large
pizza in a box. I was Lolitas Pthc glad of this, for I’d forgotten
to have any dinner. Jim was stocky, shorter, than I,
and blond, in his mid-thirties.
“Well, what’s happening?” I asked after we’d sat down
at the kitchen table and begun eating. I was careful
not to appear overly eager.
“Well, you remember this Doctor Simon, who got blown
up in what the Lolitas Pthc police think was a mob hit.”
“That happened several weeks ago, didn’t it?” I
riposted, persisting Lolitas Pthc in my effort not to appear eager.
“Yes, several weeks ago,” he echoed me. “Well, I was
digging into the good doctor’s background, hoping to
find some gambling debts or something else that might
get the mob mad at him.”
“Did you?” I asked.
“Well, yes and maybe,” he went on. “I found out that
he wasn’t into gambling, but I heard something
interesting about him from my sister. She’d been in
University Hospital a few years ago, having a baby. It
was a boy, and her doctor had been pushing her to have
him circumcised. She refused, and later that day
Doctor Simon came in to see her and tried to
high-pressure her to sign the release. She told him
that she and her husband had decided that the boy
would not be circumcised, and he got very huffy. He
even told her that the boy might have to be
circumcised as an emergency, and that he didn’t need
her signature for that. She then told him that her
husband was a lawyer, and that if their son didn’t
leave the hospital with everything he’d been born
with, he and the hospital would be facing a big
lawsuit. That quieted him, and he left. My sister and
her husband won that round, and took their boy home
“Okay, but what’s the connection?” I asked.
“This is where it gets interesting. My sister was in
a semi-private room, and one of her roommates was Liz
DiAngelo, the daughter-in-law of that big mobster. She
had a boy too, and didn’t want him clipped, but Simon
did it anyway. When she complained, Simon said he’d
take the charge off the bill. You know what they do
with the amputated foreskins?”
“No,” I said.
“They sell them to bio-labs and to cosmetic
companies. They make synthetic skin and rejuvenating
face creams from the foreskins. Liz’s husband was
pissed when he found out, and when her father-in-law
dropped in to see her, she told him what had happened.
My sister told me he said not to get excited, and he
had a quiet, very thoughtful look on his face, not
showing what he was really thinking.”
“So you think maybe Old Man DiAngelo had the doctor
whacked?” I asked, cutting to the chase.
“I don’t have a shred of proof, but yes, that’s what
I was thinking. Then there were some other things that
happened during the last year or two. You remember how
a few years ago some people were knocking off
“Oh, yes, I remember,” I answered. That was national
Right,” Jim continued. “Several different people shot
abortionists around the country. One used a sniper
rifle to shoot one right through the dining room
window in his home. Another used a shotgun to ice the
doctor and his bodyguard as they drove up to their
“I remember that case. It was in Florida and the guy
went to the chair for Lolitas Pthc it.”
“Yes, that’s right,” Jim went on. “What would you say
if I told you that several doctors have been shot and
killed recently, and that all of them had some
connection with doing circumcisions?”
“How do you mean?” I asked.
“Well, one appeared on Lolitas Pthc
TV talk shows, pushing people
to have their sons circumcised. Another seemed to be
trying to set an Olympic record at his hospital for
circumcising baby boys.”
“Think that would be a motive for killing them?” I
asked, not agreeing with him but trying not to appear
too skeptical.
“I think it would be a perfect motive,” Jim answered.
“I know I really resent it that someone cut the end
off my penis when I was born. If I were the violent
type, I’d certainly do something violent about it.”
“So you were cut and didn’t like it…” I trailed off,
trying to gauge the depth of his feeling.
“That’s right. I can understand perfectly if some
victim of one of these doctors wanted to take it out
of his hide. I’d even cheer for him.”
“What are you going to do with the story?” I asked. I
was on pins and needles, wondering about his
intentions. “Do you think your editor’s going to buy
“I haven’t told him. I don’t know what he’d do. I
wanted to bounce it off you first. I’m not even sure I
want to turn in that story, because the cops don’t
seem to have made the connection yet. In my heart, I
don’t want the killer or killers to get caught.” That
was it, then. He preferred to keep the story under
“So you don’t want this to get out unless the cops
bring it out first,” I suggested.
“That’s right, Jack. I remember the anguish I felt
when I first found out I’d been cut. I feel sorry for
all of these victims of greedy, money-hungry doctors,
or fanatical doctors who think they have the right to
mutilate a baby boy’s body.” I’d heard enough. I knew
he was on our side.
“Well, Jim,” I said. “I think there’s at least an
even chance the cops won’t make a connection. At
least, unless the killer is stupid enough to write
them a letter.”
“I sure hope he doesn’t,” Jim said. “Anyway, how
about you? Did you get clipped the way I did, without
your consent. I don’t even know if you’re
circumcised.” By this time we’d finished the pizza. I
swallowed my last mouthful before I spoke:
“Yes, I was a victim too, like many other guys. I
didn’t like it either. However, I didn’t let this burn
me up inside. I did something about it.” Jim got a
funny look on his face, unsure of my meaning.
“You didn’t…?” he began.
“No, I didn’t shoot any doctors. I had plastic
surgery to put a new hood on my prick,” I replied. Jim
stared at me.
“I didn’t know that was possible,” he said.
“It’s not only possible, but several other guys have
had it done. Now this was several years ago. Today,
the best method of foreskin restoration, that’s what
it’s called, is by stretching the shaft-skin until it
grows enough length to cover the head.” Jim was
excited by this news, and he asked:
“Can I see it?” His eagerness was very perceptible.
“Okay,” I replied. “Let’s have a little show and
tell.” I unzipped my pants and drew out my penis.
“It looks like you’d never been circumcised,” he
said, awe-struck.
“No, not quite,” I said. “See how the end is darker
than the rest of the shaft? That’s because the plastic
surgeon used skin from my scrotum to form the new
hood. Also, you can see a scar line where he attached
“That scar line doesn’t look too bad. It goes all the
way around your shaft, like a circumcision scar, but a
lot neater than mine.” Jim unzipped to show me.
“Yeah, that’s a jagged scar,” I remarked. Jim’s prick
had a very uneven scar behind the large, well-shaped
helmet. “I don’t blame you for being unhappy with it.?
“So you’ve got skin back on your cock,” he said. “Now
what did it do for you?”
“Well, for one thing, my glans is now covered and
protected. It’s more sensitive now. I guess you know
that circumcising causes the glans to dry out and get
less sensitive.”
“I’d read that,” he admitted. “I’d always wondered
how much Lolitas Pthc
sensitivity I’d lost.”
“You’ve also lost all the nerve endings in your
foreskin,” I answered. “They’re gone forever, and you
can’t get them back. Do you still have your frenulum?”
“You mean the gee-string on the underside?” He lifted
his penis to show me. “I don’t think the doctor took
that away when he took my foreskin. It’s the most
sensitive spot on my cock. Do you still have yours?”
“No,” I told him sadly as I stripped back and rotated
my penis to show him the underside. The handling had
made my prick swell somewhat, and I noticed that Jim’s
was also engorging.
“You’ve got a really nice head on it,” he commented.
“It must feel really good, sliding your new skin back
and forth. I’d seen how uncut guys do it, stroking
themselves, and I always envied them. Jim’s penis was
hardening fast as he spoke.
“Yes, stroking feels a lot better than when I didn’t
have a foreskin,” I answered.
“Can I stroke yours?” he asked in a pleading tone.” I
always wondered what it feels like.”
“Let’s get undressed and you’ll find out,” I said. I
got up and led him into the bedroom, where we shed our
clothes without shedding our erections. His blue eyes
were fixed on my prick as he took off his clothing.
“Oh, that’s nice,” he said. “You’ve got enough skin
to cover the head even when you’re hard.” I noticed
that Jim`s erection was only about five inches, but
the shaft was straight and had a big vein running
along the top. The helmet head was larger than the
shaft, the rim flaring out ahead of the deep groove
that comprised the “neck” of his penis.
Now Lolitas Pthc Jim reached out to touch my prick, grasping it
with two fingers right on the glans, gently sliding
the foreskin back and forth. I took his other arm and
guided him down to sit next to me on the bed.
“What do you like me to do?” he asked. Lolitas Pthc “Is this all
Do what you like,” I answered. “Just explore it and
get familiar with it.”
“Your skin’s kinda tight,” he said. “Most other skins
I’ve handled were looser than yours, except for one
guy who couldn’t skin it back at all. Does yours hurt
if I push it back?”
“No, not at all. It feels nice Lolitas Pthc
when you push the skin
back off the head.” He took my cue and pushed my
foreskin back over Lolitas Pthc
the tapered glans and over my
flaring rim until it snapped down into the deep groove
behind the head. Now he pulled forward on it, but it
remained fixed in place.
“It locks behind the head,” he remarked. “Can you get
it forward again?” I placed my fingers over his and
guided them to pull my foreskin up over the high rim
until it freely ran down the tapering helmet to cover
it completely.
“That’s the way you do it,” I explained. “Just
squeeze it a little tighter and pull up. It doesn’t
hurt at all.” As I spoke I began squeezing his glans
rhythmically between thumb and forefinger.
“Oh, that’s nice, Jack. It’s making my cock-root
throb. Just keep doing that.”
“Did you ever get docked?” I asked.
“You mean with my tip inside another guy’s skin? I’ve
heard of it, but although I j/o’d with a few uncut
guys, nobody ever docked me.”
“Well, Jim, if you want I can dock you. There isn’t
enough room inside my foreskin for my big head and
yours, but if you make me come my prick is going to
shrink afterward, and then I’ll be able to dock you.”
“I’d love to make you come, Jack. I always love to
slide that nice skin over the tip and then watch when
a guy starts to shoot.” He began pumping my foreskin
more rapidly, increasing the flow of sensations
pouring into my prick. I reached for a towel, as I
didn’t want to spill my cream on the fresh sheets, as
I’d just laundered them the day before.
“Go ahead, then,” I urged. After I come and rest up
for a couple of minutes, I’ll dock you and give you a
thrill.” The anticipation of docking Jim’s helmet
inside my hood was a turn-on, and I felt my orgasm
approaching. Jim was now pumping me in long strokes,
totally covering and uncovering the glans each time.
“Your tip’s getting darker, Jack. I can see you’re
getting close.”
“I am, Jim. I’m just going to lie back while you
finish me off.” I lay supine and carefully placed the
towel on my abdomen. Jim’s eager stroking was making
my prick more engorged, and I felt a tickle begin in
my rim from the friction and gentle pressure.
“Man, that rim really swells and flares when you get
closer,” he commented. “I can imagine what you’re
feeling now.” It was clear that Jim was experienced in
stroking foreskins. He wasn’t too rough, as some cut
guys are because they don’t know how sensitive and
natural prick can be.
“Ohhhh,” I moaned, feeling the tickle in my glans
spreading from the rim to the blunt front dome. My
eyes closed as Jim tightened his grip slightly to
bring me over the edge.
The tickle turned into a hot tingle that spread down
my shaft until it reached the root, and then I felt
the first spasm deep inside me. I cried out as the
first quirt of hot semen filled my urethra, rushing
toward the exit and slamming through the lips of my
meatus. My crotch convulsed again and another hot jet
seared my tube as it rushed toward the end of my
“Go for it!” he urged as he whipped my foreskin up
and down, eager to give me the hottest possible
orgasm. I shuddered again as my third load shot free
of my prick. Another surge filled my urethra and then
tapered off to milder ones, finally settling down to a
slow, seeping flow. Jim had stopped st
roking me, as he understood that the prick becomes
excessively sensitive during orgasm, and now he held
my foreskin back tightly. I lay still as the
after-shock of orgasm flowed over me, making me
totally inert.
“I really enjoyed watching the jizz shooting from
your big purple tip,” he said. “Your cock was
throbbing so hard. I felt it in my fingers. I’m
fascinated by uncut cock.”
“I really shot?” I asked. “I usually dribble.”
“No man, this time you shot like a fire hose.”
“Well, my erection’s pretty much gone down, so let’s
get you inside my foreskin.” Jim’s prick was rock-hard
from the excitement, and we turned to face each other
on the bed. I Lolitas Pthc grasped the edges of my foreskin,
spreading the orifice to accommodate his glans.
“Let me,” he said as he reached for my foreskin. I
let go and he held the foreskin wide open as he eased
his glans into the slippery fleshy tube. “Your skin’s
pretty thick, Jack. I’ve never seen one that thick.”
“I know, Jim,” Lolitas Pthc
I said. “The natural foreskin’s
thinner than mine. Mine’s made up of shaft skin for
the inner layer and scrotal skin for the outer layer.
Scrotal Lolitas Pthc
skin’s much thicker than shaft skin.” Now my
foreskin had totally enveloped his glans and I grasped
it to twist it for added stimulation. He let go and I
began to do the work for him. The outer edge of my
foreskin was tight around the neck of his prick,
completely trapping his helmet, and I was working the
thick fleshy tube in a twisting motion, concentrating
on his flaring glans rim. My other hand cupped his
“Oh, oh, oh,” he murmured, absorbing the profound
sensations. “This feels so good. I’ve never felt
anything like this before.” I felt the hardness of his
glans pushing against my soft one as he thrust his
hips slightly. The inside of my foreskin was well
lubricated with my cream, allowing free movement, and
this assured of of success.
“Just try to stay relaxed, Jim,” I coached him. “I
know you’re really hot, but if you can hold off for a
couple of minutes, you’ll get a longer build-up and
more stimulation and a hotter orgasm.”
“Okay, I’ll try,” he whispered. The muscles in his
jaw and neck were tight, and I knew his body was
tensing involuntarily.
“Just relax and focus on your prick,” I added. “Just
feel how good it is.” I twisted my foreskin harder,
enhancing his sensations.
“Now I know what it’s like to have skin on my cock. I
just wish I had it there permanently.” I felt the
tension in his body as his legs and chest brushed
against mine. I saw his eyes close.
“Whoaaa!” he yelped as I felt his helmet throb
through the foreskin and hammer against the front of
my glans. A jet of hot liquid shot from his slit,
bathing my glans and swirling behind my corona. I
tightened my grip and reached for the towel because I
knew there’d be leakage. His hot hard tip throbbed
again and more juice flowed into my foreskin,
distending it. Jim thrust his hips again and another
jet followed. The heat from his juice made my glans
feel very warm.
His mouth was open as he moaned loudly, enthralled by
the unimaginable sensations and he shot again. Now I
stopped twisting my foreskin, concentrating on keeping
it tight around his still-throbbing tip as the rest of
his jets erupted. Finally he was still, sinking into
the daze that follows ejaculation.
We lay still together for a couple of minutes while I
felt his prick shrink inside my thick fleshy hood.
When he opened his eyes I spoke:
“Okay, now look at what you shot. I’ll let go and
you’ll see it all pour out.” I released my grip and
pulled away from his slightly. We watched the thick,
creamy goo pour from under the edges of my foreskin
onto the folded towel. As I pulled away I also skinned
back to reveal my cream-coated helmet, which began to
drip onto the towel as the odor of chlorine filled the
“Well, I really drained myself,” Jim said.
“You really did,” I confirmed. “I felt you shooting
hard against my tip.”
“I want a skin like that,” he said. “You can do so
much with skin. Even if I have to have surgery I want
skin covering my tip.”
“You won’t have to have surgery, Jim. These days you
can do it all by stretching your shaft skin. You
weren’t cut tight like some guys so it will be easier
for you.”
“You know anybody who stretched his skin? Maybe I can
learn from him.”
“I’ll have you meet my friend Chris. He can walk you
through it, step by step,” I replied.
“I really look Lolitas Pthc forward to that,” he said, his eyelids
drooping. We were both exhausted and we fell asleep in
each other’s arms.Continued in Part 12
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